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Sherlock AU: John goes missing, held captive by Sebastian Moran. When he is released, Sherlock receives a call that tells him his best friend has been hospitalised.

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Happy birthday, batcherville!
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teenage sherlock under the covers mastubrating furiously to an army magazine.  what the fuck what the fuck what ehuf c wh at hwat


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An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [246/?]
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Watch out for that smile, you won’t like him when he smiles.

And we know what comes next…

I think I’m coming next to be honest.

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Sherlock’s Military Kink is Canon!

In A Study in Pink when Sherlock introduces John to 221B he has a copy of Eagle: Adventure Survival Truth Magazine in the boxes with his trunk. 

EDIT -> Professorfonz figured out the magazine was Eagle and found an earlier issue of it. (I tracked down Sherlock’s issue.) On behalf of her amazingness, you’re welcome!


EDIT -> Tween!SherlockThis magazine appears to have run in the 1980’s only so they’re probably from Sherlock’s youth which makes sense given that they’re with what I’m claiming is the boarding school trunk. 

Trunk Photo from Arwel Wyn Jones’s 221b set panorama.

EDIT -> Sherlock’s is the June, 1983 issue of Eagle Adventure Survival Truth Magazine. Headlines include: “Street Fighting Techniques,” “L.A.W. Update,” “82nd Airborn,” etc. I’m looking for a better photo of the issue.

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BBC Sherlock Characters + Items.

Sherlock Holmes- Consulting Detective

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Completing each other’s sentences… even from a distance.

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“The violin is a pain in the ass. It makes my heart beat as well, cos you know, everyone who plays the violin, does to the standard I’m supposed to. Sherlock has learnt from the age of four and has bled over that instrument and I faking it, it feels horrible……playing a classical instrument is just such a heinous thing for me, it really really upsets me because the fingering is out, the bow is out, the position is not right, the timing’s not right and that’s what I have to do, I have to just mime it obviously. But there’s also just a bit of sound I make, you can’t hear it but I can hear it and it tortures me. There are those beautiful happy moments where I’m supposed to be serenading my best friend and his wife and it’s like, “Way to ruin that one Ben.” But the music they write for it, is gorgeous and it works and when you get it right, it really works.”

Benedict Cumberbatch on playing the violin for Sherlock, Oz Comic Con Experience Panel. (via miss-dramateen)

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