idk man vote for me here and i'll give you kissies
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captain adorable

#what a joke

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do you think ben c made fun of martin for his accent in fargo

he probably called him once a day and said “oh geez” and hung up

I’d like to think Martin called him back and said “Tha world needs ta know.”

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it does not matter how slow you go as long as you’re not in front of me

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someone get a job at the BBC sneak into the offices and get that damn Sherlock gay bar scene 

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Two types of criminals:

"He [Magnussen] is a businessman – he’s not a mad chaotic villain, not like the award-winning performance Andrew Scott gave as Moriarty. He is something of great calm and measure that has a depth to it which is an even bigger challenge than the chaos of Moriarty. He is so measured and precise – he is like a shark, a terrifyingly perfect predator of our age."  - Benedict Cumberbatch
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peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle

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AU - Teenlock/Unilock


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Battle stations.

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you gotta be careful with girls named katherine because it could be spelled katherine or kathryn or catherine cathryn katherin kcatcheyn ckathcryrn catrchckern kathtrine 

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Multiple Intelligences Series// part 1 of 6

Irene Adler/ Interpersonal Intelligence —

Characterized by an ability to recognize and understand other people’s moods, desires, motivations, and intentions; the ability to note distinctions among others and to entertain the perspective of others.  

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You’re gonna love being dead, Sherlock.

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S is for gay

H is for gay

E is for gay

R is for gay

L is for gay

O is for gay

C is for gay

K is for gay

Sherlock is gay

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