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is yours a snorer?

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This makes me extremely content.

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“Lestrade described Sherlock as a child and, in many ways, that’s what he is. I said that he doesn’t care about what others think and that he’s arrogant because of this but it’s not really that. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that he genuinely doesn’t understand that it’s normal to care. It’s normal to worry about what other people think. Like a child, he just doesn’t understand the rules of society - which, of course, is probably why he’s so good at working the rest of us out” (x)

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Me teaching a boy to play the Sherlock theme while drunk

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step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad

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Benedict Cumberbatch / The Imitation Game / 14 nov 2014

All ready impressive..

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BC - Sherlock Apple Store Q&A

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london: (proper noun) its like a great cesspool into which all kinds of              criminals, agents, and drifters, are irresistibly drained

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  • Pilot!John: I looked you up on the internet last night
  • Pilot!Sherlock: Found anything interesting ?
  • Pilot!John: Yeah your grindr profile.
  • Pilot!Sherlock: ...
  • Pilot!John: So, you like military men ?
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Let’s Kill Hiatus:  
               ↳Round 3-Textures  

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Three Times Chris Evans Touched Jeremy Renner’s Left Boob at SDCC 2014

…And One Time Jeremy Touched His

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