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beside you

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John to Sherlock (about Irene) : are you going to see her again

Mary to John (about Sherlock): are you going to see him again

But I guess there’s only one instance where this sentence is supposed to convey romantic feelings. 

Lol no, John is in love with Sherlock and Sherlock with John 

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when u and ur friends look fresh af


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A cuddly fluff for tegazackness on the stream

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donnahumanno asked: I don't quite know why you need to know the best brownie mix brand, but I like pillsbury because it's usually the cheapest

i gotta make brownies so i want the best brand and also how would you describe the pillsbury brownie? flavor, texture, etc.?

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poor-dumb-killian asked: I use Duncan Family sized (because brownies are worth it if they arent in a 13x9 pan). They have directions for making the brownies more cake-like, which I prefer.

how would you describe the brownie?? like fluffy and moist or more crumbly with deep flavor?

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okay very important

what is the best brownie mix brand out there

please reblog and message me with what brand you think is best and why

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We’re just alike … you and I.

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There’s nothing the matter with me! Imagine I said that without shouting.

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okay very important

what is the best brownie mix brand out there

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oh yes yes john so straight very heterosexual who’s sherlock?

i swear to god this show is just one giant dick joke

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So I was looking at these setlock pictures from may and I was terribly distracted by this little detail.

Mark standing behind them both looking so proud and thinking “my gay baby sons”

I love how Mark’s hand is on Martin’s, as though confirming and approving his choice to have put it there, on Ben’s shoulder. :)

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introducing myself in the first day of school


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